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Nov. 8, 2016


Would you like to learn some words in the Mi’kmaq language?

Great! The first thing you need to know is:  There are NO SILENT LETTERS in the Mi'kmaq language.

I will be posting a new word each week on our website. If you are having any trouble at all with the pronunciation of any of the words, please feel free to call Wanda at: 902-532-1898 or 902-467-0356. There will be words that will be close to impossible to spell phonetically, so keep the number handy, as you will need to hear the word spoken.

Now, let’s begin our first word with a greeting in Mi’kmaq.

Nov. 16, 2016- Your first word is: Kwe’
(phonetically pronounced: Kway)
Kwe’ means: Hello

Nov. 23, 2016- This week's word is: Kitpu-                                                                                                                                                                                

Phonetically pronounced: (Git pooh)...FYI- When phonetically pronouncing a word that has a "G" sound, the letter "G " will have a soft "G" sound .... as in "Go, Gone.       Kitpu means: Eagle

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Nov. 29, 2016-This week's word is: Tities- (dee dee ess)

Tities means: Blue Jay                                                                                                                                                                                


Dec. 5, 2016- This week's word is a phrase (fitting for the time of year): Wli Nipi Alasutma!                                                                                                         

Willie  nibby alla sued mah 

Wli Nipi Alasutma means: Merry Xmas!           


Dec. 12, 2016- This week's phrase is: Pasu'l Pana'ne!   (Bah zool    Bah nah nay!)           

Pasu'l Pana'ne means: Happy New Year!     


Jan. 3, 2017- Well it's 2017 and we begin the year with another Mi'kmaq word to add to your list. Since it is the winter season, our new word for this week will be:

Kesik      (Guess sick)

Kesik means: Winter.


Jan. 10, 2017- This week's word is:  Muin- (Moo win)    

Muin means: Bear


Jan. 16, 2017- This week's word is: Apli'kmuj  (ah blig gah mooj)

Apli'kmuj means: Rabbit    


Jan. 23, 2017- This week's word is: Lentuk (len dook) Note: 'dook' will rhyme with the word "took"

Lentuk means: Deer


Jan. 30, 2017- This week's word is: Paqtism   (this word will require you to hear orally for pronunciation)

Paqtism means: Wolf    


Feb. 7, 2017- This week's word is: Te'sipow (Daisy beau)   

Te'sipow means: Horse  


Feb. 14, 2017- This week's word is: Te'sipow Ji'j   (Daisy beau    Jeech)

Te'sipow Ji'j means: Foal      


Feb. 21, 2017-This week's word is: Kopit (Go bit)

Kopit means: Beaver   


Feb. 28, 2017- This week's word is: L'muj (ool mooj)

L'muj means: Dog       


March 7, 2017- This week's word is: Mia'wj (Me ouch)

Mi'awj means: Cat (domesticated cat)    


March 14, 2017- This week's word is: Qalipu (will need audio prounciation)

Qalipu means: Caribou       


March 21, 2017- Ths week's word is: T'iam (Dee alm)

Ti'am means: Moose


March 27, 2017.- This week's word is: Atu'tuej (ah dew dew wedge)

Atu'tuej means: Squirrel


April 3-2017- This week's word is: P'jila'si- (Oop jill lah see)

Pjila'si means: welcome


April 10, 2017- This week's word is: Wela'lioq (If I am thanking more than 2 people)

(Well lah lee oh)

April 17, 2017- This weeks word is:  Mui'ne'j (Moo in nedge)

Mui'ne'j means: Bear Cub


April 25, 2017- This week's word is: Amu (Ah moo)

Amu is: Bee


May 1, 2017-This week's word is: Mimikej (Me me gedge)

Mimikej is: Butterfly

 May 8, 2017- Since the season is Spring, here is our word for this week.

Jijawej'k (Gee jah wedge k)

Jijawej'k is: Swamp Peepers (frogs)

 May 15, 2017.- Kloqoej-Star

(Glow ho edge)


May 22, 2017- Mijjua'ji'j-Baby

Midge jew wah jeech


May 29,2017- Teke'k- Cold

(Day geg)

June 5, 2017-Samuqwan- Water

(Some oo gwun)


June 12, 2017.- Kesalul- I love you

(Guess a lool)

June 19, 2017.- L'muji'j- Puppy

Oll moo Jeech


June 26, 2017.- Wsitqamu- Earth

Ooo sit ha moo

 July3, 2017- Wa'pek- White

Wah baag)

July 10, 2017- Mekwe'k- Red

Meck waag)


July 17, 2017- Maqtewe'k-Black

Much dah waag


July 24, 2017- Waptaptek- Yellow

Wah dup deck


July 31, 2017- Jipjawej- Robin

Jip jow edge


Aug. 7, 2017- Kwitn- Canoe

(Gwee done)


Aug. 14, 2017 Kastio’mi- Molasses

(Gusty oh me)


Aug. 21, 2017 - Apu- Soup

(Ah boo)


Aug. 28, 2017- Mime’j-Fish

(Me medge)


Sept. 4, 2017- Ku’nji-Head

(Goon jee)


Sept. 11, 2017.- Nikmaq- My family (relations)



Sept. 18, 2017.- Nmis- My big Sister

(Nah miss)


Sept. 25, 2017- Nkij- My mother

(Un geej)

Oct. 2, 2017- Nutj-My father



Oct. 9, 2017- Ntus-My daughter

(un doos)


Oct. 16, 2017- Njiknam- My little brother

(Un jigga numb)


Oct. 23, 2017- Nsi’s-My big brother

(Un cease)


Oct. 30, 2017- Nkweji’j- My little sister

(Un kway jeech)

 Nov. 7, 2017- Newt- The number one

(Nowt)...(rhymes with "out", pout, snout)


Nov. 6/17- Weli Eksitpu'k. Piskwa'. Pa'si

(Willy eggsit poog....biskwa...Bah see.

(Good  morning....come in....sit down.)

Nov. 13/17-Me'Talwelain?

How are you?        (May dowl well lane?)

Nov. 20/17- Kwe' Nitapsk'w

(Gway...knee dub skw) Hello, my female friend.


Nov. 27/17- Kwe' Nkwis

Gway oon gwiss ....hell, my son.


Dec. 4/17

Keslul, Mikiju

(Guess a Lool, Migajew)

I love you, my grandmother.


Dec. 11/17.- Nmultis, nkweji'j.

(Nah mull diss,......oon kway jeech.)

I'll see you later, little sister.


Dec. 18/17- Tami Elien?

(Dummy Elolie en)

Where are you going?


Dec. 25/17- Wli-Nipi Alasutma- Merry Xmas

(Willy nibby Alla sued mah)


Dec. 31/17-Pasu'l Panane' !

Bazool Bah nah nay

(Happy New Year!